Motorhome parking laws: is it legal to park a caravan in a freehold car parking bay?

Question: I live in a flat in a building with four other flats. We all own the land outside and we are all freeholders, with our own parking spaces. Instead of parking a car in my space could I legally park a caravan there?

Answer: As well as owning a share of the freehold of the building and land, each of the flat owners should have a leasehold interest, as a lease should have been granted for each flat.

Leases of residential flats include restrictions, obligations and rights to try to ensure that each leaseholder can enjoy their property without suffering nuisance or annoyance from their neighbours.

The terms of your lease should include various restrictions stating how your parking space may be utilised.

For example, carrying out maintenance on vehicles parked there may be prohibited; the parking of commercial vehicles such as work vans, and the parking of boats and caravans, is also unlikely to be permitted.

Check the terms of your lease to see what restrictions apply to your parking space.

If the parking of a caravan is not permitted, you could speak to your fellow freeholders to see if they’d consent to letting you put one there — but do not be surprised if they refuse.

Inconsiderate parking of vehicles can lead to acrimonious and often costly neighbour disputes which should be avoided if possible.

These answers can only be a very brief commentary on the issues raised and should not be relied on as legal advice. No liability is accepted for such reliance. If you have similar issues, you should obtain advice from a solicitor.

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