Immobilienpreise in London: zeigen neue Zahlen durchschnittlich verkaufte die Preise mit der schnellsten Rate gefallen seit 2009

House prices in London have fallen at the fastest rate since the effects of the financial crisis took hold in August 2009, according to new figures released today.

The Office for National Statistics (US) has revealed a 4.4 per cent drop in the year to May, with the average sold price of a home in the capital now standing at £457,471. The dramatic plunge has wiped £21,000 off average prices in the capital and is the 15th consecutive month of year-on-year falls.

In the previous month of April, prices dropped by a comparatively modest 1.7 per cent in the same 12-month period.

The data relates to properties purchased in the early months of the year, amid a backdrop of ongoing political turmoil and Brexit uncertainty.

Average sold price in UK: £229,431

Average sold price in London: £457,471

(Quelle: ONS May 2019)

Nationally, house prices rose by 1.2 per cent in the year to May, to £229,431, down from 1.5 Prozent im Jahr bis April.

This reduction is largely being driven by price falls in London which tends to feel the impact of political unrest more acutely than other regions of the UK,” says Paul Smith, CEO of haart estate agents.

As we edge ever closer towards the October 31 deadline, and indeed the prospect of a potential no deal scenario, we can perhaps expect a further decline to London house prices over coming months, but thereafter more positive headlines.

London Immobilienpreise: borough breakdown

Two London boroughs recorded huge annual price drops, with prices falling by £51,267 (9.6 Prozent) im Barnet and by £66,432 (8.3 Prozent) in dem London.

Significant falls were also seen in the boroughs of Southwark (5.8 Prozent), Kingston-upon-Thames (5.6 Prozent), Islington (5.5 Prozent) und Egge (5.4 Prozent).

Just seven of London’s 33 boroughs saw an increase in average sold prices in the past 12 Monate. Im Norden von London, prices in Haringey are up by more than £33,000 following a 6.1 per cent boost in the year to May. The east London borough of Hackney has seen similar growth, with values up by 5.7 Prozent.

Newham, Barking and Dagenham, Hounslow, Waltham Forest und Brent also recorded positive growth amid the sharp falls seen across the rest of the capital.

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