Erste Schritte auf dem Grundstück Leiter: meine Eltern helfen mir ein Haus kaufen, aber wie rechtliche Dokumente benötigen wir zur Erstellung?

Frage: My parents are providing finance to help me buy a property. Should this involve any formal — and probably expensive — legal documentation?

Can’t they just give me the money? It is something they are very happy to do.

Antworten: This will depend on what basis the finance is being provided. Some parents will be in a position to provide an outright gift to their children with no strings attached.

In a case like that, the parent or parents should provide a letter of gift stating that they are giving up any interest or right in relation to the money and the property.

This will also be a requirement of any additional mortgage finance that you may obtain.

Some people do this successfully themselves but it is always prudent to take advice from a solicitor.

In other cases a parent may not be able permanently to part with the money but may be in a position to provide finance by way of a loan.

In this situation it might be appropriate for the parent to enter into a formal loan agreement and mortgage deed which is registered against the property at the Land Registry.

A loan agreement will allow the parent to charge interest and set out the terms on which the loan is to be repaid.

Again, if additional finance is being obtained from a mortgage provider, they may require the parent to enter into an agreement to ensure the loan you receive has priority for repayment when the property is sold.

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