Drone deliveries in London: Maida Vale housing scheme to be first in the UK with rooftop ‘vertiports’ for package drop offs

Something’s in the air at Maida Vale in west London, where a new housing scheme is set to become the first in the UK to offer drone delivery of packages for residents.

Lyons Place has been resourcefully built on the site of a petrol station. It comprises five townhouses with patio gardens and terraces plus a sleek block of 24 private flats and 47 affordable homes.

Designed by renowned architect Sir Terry Farrell, whose headquarters and home are in a nearby former Spitfire factory, the project will have a rooftop “vertiport” where drones will land.

Developer Almacantar has joined forces with Skyports, a company that is buying up London rooftops for the burgeoning drone delivery market.

Britain trails countries such as Finland, Switzerland and Dubai on drone deliveries.

However, once the regulatory barriers to urban drone flights have been cleared, vertiports are set to become as commonplace as parking spaces for cars and bikes, Skyports believes.

The Lyons Place homes slot neatly into a lively, mixed neighbourhood that includes Church Street Market.

Westminster council has unveiled a £1.2 billion regeneration plan for this ward, with the aim of making the market a rival to Portobello Road.

Prices start at £795,000. Call 020 7535 3948.

The scheme will be the first development whose architecture will encourage drone deliveries for residents (REUTERS)


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