Converting a garage to residential use: can we adapt our outbuildings to make extra room for when friends and family come to stay?

שְׁאֵלָה: Our large walled garden contains a double garage with a high roof and adjacent outbuildings.

We’d like to convert the garage roof space and the outbuildings into a bedroom, bathroom and maybe a TV room for our grandchildren to use when they visit. What do we need to do to ensure that it’s legal?

תשובה: Check your title deeds to see if there are any restrictive covenants that could prevent the garage and the outbuildings being used for residential accommodation.

A restrictive covenant regulates what a landowner can and cannot do with their land.

The wording of restrictive covenants, especially older covenants, can sometimes be confusing. If you are unsure about the meaning of any covenants you find, seek legal advice, as you do not want to breach them.

Restrictive covenants may, אולם, be unenforceable. And in some cases it is possible to remove or modify them. Again seek legal advice on this point, as this is a complex area of the law.

Another option is indemnity insurance to cover a possible breach of covenant.

זכויות בנייה, building regulations consent and listed building consent could all be needed.

Consult a surveyor or architect to establish if applications for these are likely to succeed.

תשובות אלה יכולות להיות רק פרשנות מאוד קצרה על הנושאים שהועלו ולא להסתמך על ייעוץ משפטי. אין אחריות היא לא מקובלת על הסתמכות כזו. אם יש לך בעיות דומות, אתה צריך לקבל ייעוץ מן עורך דין.

אם יש לך שאלה פיונה מקנאלטי, please or write to Legal Solutions, בתי & נכס, איוונינג סטנדרד, 2 רחוב דרי, W8 5EE. שאלות שלא ניתן לענות באופן פרטני, אבל ננסה להציג אותם כאן. פיונה מקנאלטי הוא עורך דין המתמחה בנדל"ן למגורים.

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